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Mental health awareness encompasses the recognition, understanding, and support of individuals facing mental health challenges. By reducing stigma, we create an environment where people feel comfortable seeking help without fear of judgment. Normalizing the conversation allows for open dialogue, fostering empathy and understanding. Providing essential resources ensures that individuals in need have access to support networks, helplines, and counseling services. Race to Stop Suicide actively promotes these elements both on and off the race track, recognizing the urgency of addressing mental health, and working towards a world where everyone can receive the care and support they deserve.
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speaking engagements

SMA Healthcare Mental Health Symposium
Halifax Health with Richard Petty
Boys & Girls Club of Daytona
Dell Children's Hospital - Austin, TX

In addition to being an incredibly talented race car driver and role model for aspiring athletes to follow, Daniel Dye is an articulate spokesman for the Race to Stop Suicide.

Solar-Fit is proud to be one of Daniel’s sponsors as he carries the message of suicide awareness to racing venues nationwide and into the living room of tens of thousands of families that follow motor racing on TV each week. Daniel is always “up on the wheel,” passionate about the mission, and above all … he is making a difference.

What an honor to be a part of the Daniel Dye Racing Family. Daniel Dye is not only an outstanding driver, but also an extraordinary young humanitarian. Daniel is able to shine light on an uncomfortable topic that impacts all walks of life through the Race to Stop Suicide platform. Jeep Beach Inc. is proud to put Jeep Beach Dollars To Work in partnership with DDR.

Removing the Stigma
At the heart of our initiative is the ambitious goal of removing the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health. We understand that societal judgment often hinders individuals from reaching out for help, and we are dedicated to creating a safe, accepting, and stigma-free environment. Our presence in the high-energy, high-visibility world of NASCAR provides a platform to reach millions of people, sending a powerful message that it’s okay not to be okay and that seeking help is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Normalizing the Conversation
One of the keys to preventing suicide is to normalize conversations about mental health. Through branding on a NASCAR Truck, speaking engagements away from the races, and open dialogues, we facilitate discussions about mental health and suicide. We aim to make these conversations as normal as discussing physical health, thereby enabling people to be more forthcoming about their struggles and find support in their communities.

Providing Resources
Race to Stop Suicide is not just about awareness – we are equally committed to providing resources to those in need. Our platform gives us an opportunity to connect struggling individuals with mental health professionals, crisis intervention hotlines, educational materials, and community support groups. Our objective is to ensure that everyone who needs help can access it in a timely and effective manner.

In addition to our major initiatives, we also engage with local communities and work collaboratively with other mental health organizations to optimize our impact. We recognize that combating suicide is a collective effort and it takes the support of the entire community to save lives.

Through our work, Race to Stop Suicide aims to catalyze a societal shift where mental health issues are viewed with compassion and understanding. We invite you to join us in this race and help us drive a change that is long overdue.